Chuck's is your neighborhood Bar and Grill. We are looking to expand with a Brewstillery. What's a Brewstillery , a brewery and a Distillery under one roof. Chuck's will  promote and distribute small-batch beer and spirits by bring numerous small bars and restaurants on board with Chuck's product.

Just piddling

We will brew a Pale Ale, and a Scotch Ale, and then then we distilled the alcohol out of them to turn them into Whiskey, Vodka, and Gin.
Chucks will make Craft beers that will use Texas grain and spices
We are looking for  

Reason To Invest

  • TEXAS-brewed, TEXEN-owned
  • Support the Little Guy: Our brand offers exceptional beer & spirits while empowering the local community.
  • Growth Potential: We will deliver a refreshingly delicious line of premium craft beers & spirits
  • The overall beer market continues to grow! Valued at $100.2 billion in 2021, the market is projected to reach $210.78 billion by 2028. The craft beer market segment grew 21% to $26.8 billion in 2021.

We are looking to expand the restaurant with a brewstillery.

What’s a brewstilley its a brewery with a distillery. Craft beer and sprites.

Chuck's has a full services restaurant that opened in the meddle of COVID (2021) The restaurant has over 45 % repeat business. We are looking to expand with the craft beer and spirits market. Restaurant and a Brewstillery we can create a craft market with food we make to enhance the craft beer and spirits we are offering.

Chuck's Bar & Grill has been open and running for over two year. First year 2021 Of Chuck's had sales of $240,000. The second year Chuck's did over $270,000. Chuck's is your neighborhood bar and grill have a well established customer base.

With the addition of the Brewstillry Chuck's can get in to the craft beer and spirits market.

With craft beer growing year over year now’s the time to start the beer making.

Texas in the craft beer market.

With distilleries Texas only has about 150 in the state.

The craft spirts market is the next big thing in the alcohol market.

Vodka and gin can be sold in the same year they are made, but whiskey takes 3-6 years to mature before it's ready to sell.

Whiskey is what the market it looking for and that being said we will start off with 15 gallon aged barrels. The 15 gallon barrels only take 9 to 16 months to age using one of our beer mash to make a blinded whisky

Small batch of spirts we produce will have big flavor with limited supply. Keep up with all the new trends in the market.

Chucks will start a Whiskey program that will start to age in large 55 gallon barrels this is a long term investment 4 to 25 years.

Chuck’s will have a online company to help sell and ship for us.

We see the growth of the brand and the ability drive more customers for other parts of the state to come experience the Brewstillery.

With food make up most of the pass years sales (85%).

Chuck's thinks the Craft beer will add up to 40% in sales to the first year we are open.

Spirits sales will be a small part of growth for the first years of the craft but as the Whiskey gets to the proper age we will see a big growth with in craft.

What we need to get the Brewstilley running

Brewing equipment looking to start with 5BBl system from  BREWHA with 2 brews a week (600bbl). the system we have been looking at can also have a Distillation Column

Chuck's is in the market for a full Distillery. 200 gallon that will help with large orders of spirits.

With the addition to Chuck’s with the ability to make and server own craft drinks this will increase sells and make chucks a craft Restaurant.